Thursday Doors – 09.22.2016

These are some of the doors of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, in New

The door below is St. Patrick’s “Door of Mercy.” The Pope has urged catholics to take the opportunity to obtain a plenary indulgence during the Year of Mercy by passing through a designated Holy Door. stpatricksweb-dsc_0027 stpatricksweb-dsc_0056  st-patrickesweb-dsc_0048stpatricksweb-dsc_0071

2 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – 09.22.2016

  1. Great shot of the main door, and the last shot with it almost all in the sun is awesome.
    When we were there a few weeks ago it was in dark shadows and there was a gazillion people in the way 😦

    • Thanks, Norm. Isn’t that permanent crowd a nightmare, with their iPhones and iPads in the air? Not to mention the silly selfies… Quite frustrating for anyone trying to take/make decent pictures… 🙄

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