“Filtered” Fun

I’ve been playing with photoshop filters and just loved this effect, using the “Negative” filter from the “Photographic Effects” set.dsc_7589_negative-2

And here’s the original, which I thought had lots of competing elements –lines, shapes, texture and shadows. The filtered version highlights shapes and lines while keeping texture and shadows in a supportive role. Agree?dsc_7589_negative-1

Photo taken at the Getty Center, Los Angeles, CA.

6 thoughts on ““Filtered” Fun

  1. Your original is so nice, Angela… excellent composition and warm light colors… I love the original. It is stunning and outstanding. Sorry for swimming against the stream. 🙂 I hope I will survive this comment. Smmmmmmiles! Reinhold

    • Oh, that’s totally OK, Reinhold. It’s actually great! I’m happy you like my original. I had an assignment for a photoshop course I’m taking and thought the “Negative” filter effect was cool and served the purpose of accentuating the lines and shapes. I do like the look of it, though. 🙂

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