Share Your World – 09/11/2017

Would you want $200,000 right now or $250,000 in a year? It’s safe to assume all money is tax free. I guess I’d take it now and invested it well because who knows what will happen in a year? I could win millions in a lottery before that and those $250,000 would mean very little then. Or I could die before that and some lucky person would inherit it all, assuming it were transferable. But what I should really tell you is that I don’t believe in money miracles, let alone tax free! 🙂

Is it more important to love or be loved? I admit I’m a bit weird, but I don’t feel the need to be loved. I welcome it, of course, and I’m happy to know that I am loved by at least some people around me. But I don’t need it as much as some people do. Instead, I feel much more satisfied giving my affection to those who need it and who I truly love. Giving is always much more fulfilling to me than taking.

List things that represent abundance to you. We all know that material things don’t necessary bring happiness, though they may help a little in some cases. So I think abundance is: having a good education; having a job that you enjoy; having a solid relationship, be it in a marriage or not; having a loving family and some loyal friends; being able to travel and see the world; being healthy and mentally strong; and having a financial situation that allows you to live comfortably well into your later years of life. This to me is abundance and I’m happy to say I have it. Don’t need anything else.

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. As always, I am inspired by the way people come together in times of disaster to help each other. We saw that this past week as people helped each other through the ordeal of hurricane Irma. The work of first responders also always inspires me. They are the most selfless people on earth. This weekend we saw them in action again. They are awesome and a true inspiration to me. That’s why today I dedicated my 365 project post to the 9/11 first responders.

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