“Infinity Mirrors”

This week I saw Yayio Kusuma’s jaw-dropping exhibition, “Infinity Mirrors,” at the Broad Museum here in Los Angeles. They only give you 30 seconds (Yes, 30 miserable seconds!) in each room (the crowds are huge so they must limit the time). But who can live the magic and beauty of those whimsical installations and photograph them at the same time? Well, since everybody is a photographer these days, people desperately try to do both, leaving the exhibition with a sense of wonder and frustration at the same time. Anyway, these photos are not great, and I can’t stand the idea of being in all of them (mirrors…), but for those who may not have seen her work or even heard about this magnificent artist, here’s a modest illustration of “Infinity Mirrors.”

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13 thoughts on ““Infinity Mirrors”

  1. If your photos can leave such a huge impression, I can only imagine what experiencing it in person must have been like.
    But a measly 30 seconds?!! Each one of these begs to be savoured!!

    My favourite is the one with the red and white candy cane things in the foreground with the people photographing in the background. That crowd seems to go on endlessly. Maybe it felt that way to you too!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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