It was a little over three weeks ago that Krista Stevens informed me she had picked my photograph below to appear on Discover, “a space where we highlight some of the best content published with WordPress.” She said my work would appear on Discover within the next week or so. I was very excited and flattered but being in the middle of a trip, I had little time to think about it. It wasn’t until I started getting lots of notifications about “Likes” and new followers that I realized it had already happened. I’m sharing this a little late but, as they say, better late than never. 🙂

It was the contrast and juxtaposition that drew us to Angela Furtado’s compelling photograph of the lonely accordionist.

via The Accordionist — Discover

13 thoughts on “Discovered

  1. I play the clarinet on the street. This picture of an accordianist resonates with me. He looks so part of the ambience of that space. Let me say that i was inspired to do street performing by watching a similar scene of a guy playing a snare drum while sitting on amilk crate while marching people to work. What he was doing that was so unique was creating street ambience. He was not trying to demonstrate artistic virtuosity by belting out a pop cover.. So relaxed so with his surroundings. This kind of music needs to come back and inspire a new generation of non digital musicians.

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