Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

I am not the adventurous type. I like to keep my feet on solid ground and usually don’t need a lot of thrills to enjoy myself. So the most adventurous thing I’ve done lately was to ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway from the floor of the Coachella Valley to close to the top of San Jacinto Peak, at 8,516 ft (2,596 m) above mean sea level. Thanks to my camera, and the thrill of shooting dozens of pictures, I didn’t think about the fact that we were suspended in the air and that something could go wrong. And I loved the experience!

For other and probably more exciting, adventures, go here.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

  1. I’ve done similar tram rides and always think about what can go wrong! We took a gondola lift skiing in Squaw Valley one year and 3 weeks later the same gondola snapped and people were killed. Somehow I still do it but they scare me to death!!

    • You can’t think too much about what could happen or you won’t ever do these things. There was a man waiting in line behind us who kept talking about accidents. I had move away. But once in the tram, the conductor was very funny and people were truly enjoying the ride, so it was great.

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