Recurring Model

This was the third time I encountered the “Santa Monica Daredevil,” as I call him. It had been a while, almost a year, since I last photographed him. As usual, as I was walking around Palisades Park, with my camera at hand, he just materialized in front of me and I just kept shooting without much thinking. At first, the sun was behind him, so I shot some silhouettes. As he passed by me, I made some shots with the golden light on him and the Santa Monica beach and pier below. Next time I should go after him and ask him what’s his deal… 🙂

Daredevil3-Web-DSC_7205Daredevil3-Web-DSC_7206Daredevil3-Web-DSC_7207Daredevil3-Web-DSC_7208 Daredevil3-DSC_7209

365/Day 206

Venice Canal ~~

One of the entrances to the Venice Canal Historic District, in the Venice Beach section of Los Angeles. The district is noteworthy for its man-made canals built in 1905 by developer Abbot Kinney as part of his “Venice of America” plan. There are six canals in the Venice Canals Walkway and approximately three-hundred-and-seventy homes fronting them. I will do a post on the Canals Walkway soon.



Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Three Items or Number Three

I must really like the number three because I have lots of photos with three items! So, here is a “small” selection of “Threes” for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge.

365/Day 122

 In Santa Barbara ~~

Spending the weekend in beautiful Santa Barbara, the American Riviera. I love this place. We had a long day and tonight I had problems with slow internet connection at our hotel  so I’m posting my 365 project entry for May 2nd a bit late. Here are a few shots of downtown Santa Barbara. Hope to have more luck with connections tomorrow’s post…