Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

As far as I’m concerned, La Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudí’s still unfinished cathedral in Barcelona, is the greatest masterpiece of all time. I visited it last fall and must confess I was totally unprepared for its grandeur. When I walked in and looked up, I gasped and inexplicably burst into tears! I don’t quite understand what happened. I’m not religious, nor am I prone to public displays of emotion. Yet, there I was, shedding tears in the middle of the crowd at La Sagrada Familia. I was completely overtaken with emotion by the organic beauty of Gaudi’s magnificent masterpiece. Wiping my tears, I took pictures that in no way do justice to that architectural and artistic gem.

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But I found this absolutely amazing HD video of the inauguration of La Sagrada Familia, which shows it in all its splendor, every detail, every angle, inside and out. The images and the music are fantastic. They’ll make you gasp for sure. Let me know if you cry. I, of course, cried again…

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Travel Theme: Sweet

I have a terrible sweet tooth, so the word “sweet” sends me straight to images of the most delicious, decadent desserts. Here are some delicious sweets I could not resist while traveling in Spain and Brazil.

A Word A Week Challenge: Roof

Rooftops of Lisbon.

I took these photos from the Castelo Sāo Jorge (St. George Castle) in Alfama, Lisbon’s oldest quarter. The mediaeval castle was the royal residence until the early 16th century and today provides extraordinary views of the city and Tagus river.

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Travel Theme: Tilted

Meet the “Lazy Tree!”

This lonely tree, growing in the middle of the dunes of the Preá beach in Northeastern Brazil, has been tilting for years due to the intense pounding of strong winds. Unable to fight the winds to continue to grow vertically, it has succumbed to its fate and continued to grow to a basically horizontal position. For that, it’s been called “the lazy tree.”

The Lazy Tree has become an attraction for those visiting the Jericoacoara National Park.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Fresh from the tree!

On this Northeast Brazil beach, coconuts are hand-picked for you.

After savoring its deliciously sweet water, you can ask them to crack the coconut open so you can eat its delicious meat.

It doesn’t get any better, and fresher, than that!
(In Fortaleza, Brazil)

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