Travel Theme: Minimalist

This week, Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack? asks us to share our Minimalist photos, i.e., “those with cleaner lines, fewer elements, strong on structure and somehow easier on the eye.”  Here’s my take on the theme:


After the rain. Leaf on wet car.


Grafitti. Probably gang-related symbol. Venice Beach, CA.


Tiny bird on “agave attenuata” stalk.


It’s all about the balloon…


Minimalist shot of building in the architecturally minimalist city of Brasilia.


Travel Theme: Golden

“Goccia d’acqua, ciclo della vita.” Sculpture by Japanese artist Kengiro Azuma. The Vatican Museums, Italy._DSC0592 Golden Rotunda at San Marco Cathedral. It’s real gold… Venice, Italy._DSC0259Golden girl. Street performer. London, UK._DSC1142“Nunziatina.” Art installation by Montalcino artist Carlota Parisi. She has golden hair. Montalcino, Italy_DSC0148

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow

“There is no blue without yellow…”  (Vincent Van Gogh)


Yellow sculpture. Villa Rufolo, Ravello, Italy.


Yellow boat. Venice Canals, Venice Beach, CA.


Yellow flower and a visitor. Villa Cimbrone gardens, Ravello, Italy.


Yellow car for Bobby Shriver’s campaign. Santa Monica, CA.




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Travel Theme: Freedom

Freedom is…

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Travel Theme: Slow

1. Am I right to assume this little gem of a car, parked outside the Houses of Parliament in London, might be a bit slow for today’s roads?_DSC0109

2. Driving through the countryside requires patience. You never know when you’ll encounter large and slow vehicles, such as this one in Tuscany, Italy._DSC0182

3. If you are in a hurry in Venice, the gondolas are not the best choice. They move slowly through the many canals, not only because they are beautiful, but also because the gondolas can’t go fast. And, yes, there is also some traffic congestion…_DSC1275

4. Being slow is not just for vehicles and people. These little creatures are so slow, they totally justify expressions such as “at a snail’s pace” and “snail mail!” _DSC0161

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