A photographic treat!

Today I saw a fabulous photography exhibit that left me in complete awe. The Getty Center is showing the works of 77-year-old Czech photographer, Josef Kouldelka, covering different phases of his photography. The exhibit, called Josef Kouldelka: Nationality Doubtfulincludes Early Works; a series of striking photos of Gypsies taken in Romania; very compelling photos of the 1968 Prague Invasion by military forces of the Warsaw Pact; a series on Exiles, from his phase as an exile himself (he became a French citizen in 1987); and a series called Panoramas, made for publication using panoramic cameras, with some of the most beautiful and haunting images I’ve ever seen. I had to buy the book of the exhibit because I needed to see those images again and again and again. Here I am sharing some photos I took from the book just for a taste of his work, but nothing compares to seeing the real thing. In case you’d like to see more of Kouldelka’s work, here is a link to his images.