March For Our Lives

Today, over eight-hundred marches and other official and unofficial events took place throughout the United States. The nationwide “March for Our Lives” events, spearheaded by Parkland school shooting survivors, called for action to end gun violence and mass shootings in American schools. The march in Washington, D.C. brought together over a million people and had truly memorable moments. Like every other major city in the US, Los Angeles had a large event downtown and several smaller ones in different area locations. Santa Monica held its own march and that’s the one I attended. Here are some highlights of that march.

WPC: Story

Can you figure out this story just based on the subjects’ body language?

“Lucky,” the black and white King Charles Chevalier on the right, had been wondering away from his human, who kept calling him in a somewhat threatening voice. He finally returned. But unlike his pal on the left, who had obediently stayed close to their human all along, Lucky just sat nearby, defiantly looking away from her. And he stayed like that for as long as I was around. He also kept an eye on me as I tried to capture the moment. Quite an attitude there, Mr. Lucky! Couldn’t help but love him, though… 🙂

WPC: A Face in the Crowd

I love street photography. But since I don’t like to ask strangers to pose, and to avoid difficult situations, all my shots are candid and, at least 80 percent of the time, from behind. For that, subjects must be unique in some way, be it in their attitude, actions, looks and/or style. They must stand out in the crowd, and not be just a Face in the Crowd.