365/Day 58

The Little Bully Gets His Way — This little Broad-Tailed Hummingbird came for his usual bath at our garden fountain, only to find another bird there leisurely bathing. Hummingbirds are very territorial, so the little guy just wouldn’t have it. He hovered around the fountain for a few minutes making threatening moves, until the other bird, clearly intimidated, decided to leave. I took these photos from a window so the quality is not great, but this was such an interesting event, I decided to share them anyway.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

This week’s theme is Reward. Several reward images came to mind when I first read the challenge. Here they are.

1. Arriving at this paradise after a long trip…


Ravello, Italy.

2. Getting some “gelato” after hours of sightseeing anywhere in Italy.


Venice, Italy.

3. Getting lots of tips after playing the piano on the street all day.


Venice Beach boardwalk, Los Angeles, CA.

4. Getting a yummy treat for being a good dog!IMG_8775

5. Ordering a great sushi meal on a Sunday evening, when you don’t feel like cooking or going out to eat. IMG_7845

365/Day 57

Homeless With A View —  Santa Monica is considered a safe haven for the LA area homeless. Members of the community keep an eye on them, regularly count them to make sure they’re all OK, and, most importantly, gladly share the city’s public spaces with them. Such is the case of Palisades Park, my favorite place to go for a walk and watch the sunset. There, homeless, residents, and tourists equally take advantage of the grounds and the beautiful views of the Pacific ocean. That’s what I hope today’s photo illustrates. DSC_0974_edited-1

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bikes and Motorcycles

This week Cee has asked us to share our photos of bikes and motorcycles. Here we go…


Rental bikes. London, UK.


Pink Vespa! Santa Monica, CA.


Speeding motorcycles in wild traffic of Naples, Italy.


Bike and motorcycle parking. Florence, Italy.


Ghost biker. Naples, Italy.

365/Day 56

Shooting From the Hip —

Today I went back to my favorite spot on the Third Street Promenade, in Santa Monica, for some street photography. People are very aware of cameras these days, especially in Los Angeles, so it isn’t easy to go unnoticed. Most times, even shooting from the hip, people notice they are being photographed. So far, nobody has made a stink about it, so I keep on shooting…

365/Day 54

Strength and Longevity This Rosewood tree (or Tipuana Tipu) is about seventy-five years old, according to tree experts. It’s in our backyard and today it got a thorough trimming in preparation for the spring and summer months. Come May and June, it will be full of tiny yellow flowers that make a real mess when they fall. By July they’ll be gone, and we’ll get to enjoy the tree’s wonderful shade during the hot days of summer. Without the excess branches we can see its massive trunk dwarfing everything around it, including our house…