365/Day 210

The Watering Hole ~~

They came and went very fast. And there I was, not very far, trying to be invisible while hand-holding a very heavy full-frame camera with a 300mm zoom lens! I know that’s not the way to photograph birds, but I’ve done it before with good results. Well, this time the resulting shots were kind of “meh,” but I am sticking with them. 🙂

365/Day 58

The Little Bully Gets His Way — This little Broad-Tailed Hummingbird came for his usual bath at our garden fountain, only to find another bird there leisurely bathing. Hummingbirds are very territorial, so the little guy just wouldn’t have it. He hovered around the fountain for a few minutes making threatening moves, until the other bird, clearly intimidated, decided to leave. I took these photos from a window so the quality is not great, but this was such an interesting event, I decided to share them anyway.