Weekly Photo Challenge: A Good Match

I tried very hard to come up with a Good Match that didn’t involve food, but I failed miserably…

11/365 – “When Life Gives You Lemons…”

Shoot wet oranges! Thanks to all the rain we’ve been getting in Los Angeles lately, it’s been a bit of a challenge getting out to shoot daily. On the other hand, the rain is helping with our severe drought and our orange tree is proof of that. After a long period without producing any fruit, it seems to be back in business! Rain and gray skies are a drag for photography, but I’m excited to see our orange tree healthy again and happy to use its fruits as subjects.oranges-dsc_0996orangesweb-dsc_0967

365/Day 151

Lyon II: Sunday Market (late posting for May 31, 2015 – Day 151 of Project 365)~~

There’s nothing like a good neighborhood street market. Especially when it is in France! This one in Lyon, by the banks of the SaĂ´ne river, was very interesting. Locals and visitors mingled, some shopping, some enjoying a meal or a drink with friends and family.