365/Day 270

Supermoon ~~

Tonight we had a lunar eclipse coupled with a “supermoon”, i.e., a full moon that appears larger because it’s at the closest point of its orbit with Earth. This is relatively rare, having last happened in1982 and not happening again until 2033. I missed the lunar eclipse (when the moon looks red) and that was upsetting. I wasn’t sure about photographing the “supermoon” after that, but decided to shoot it anyway. Well, it was beautiful, with the most spectacular glow. Unfortunately, I could only make the same shot again and again, as it was already high in the sky not allowing for much creative composition.


365/Day 269

Art Meets… ~~ 

London-based Brazilian artist, Alexandre da Cunha, often uses ordinary and unconventional materials in his sculptural works. While incorporating modernist ideas of form and composition in his work, he also draws on the creative ingenuity and resourcefulness found in countries like Brazil, where household products are often recycled and re-used to overcome the lack of new materials. The sculpture in most of the photos below is called “Figurehead” and consists of three sections of sewer pipe stacked vertically to suggest a ready-made skyscraper. The round sculpture, called “Biscuit”, was a sewer cap. Both are part of a current installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

My photographs suggest these art pieces are “meeting” their surroundings for the first time…