365/Day 269

Art Meets… ~~ 

London-based Brazilian artist, Alexandre da Cunha, often uses ordinary and unconventional materials in his sculptural works. While incorporating modernist ideas of form and composition in his work, he also draws on the creative ingenuity and resourcefulness found in countries like Brazil, where household products are often recycled and re-used to overcome the lack of new materials. The sculpture in most of the photos below is called “Figurehead” and consists of three sections of sewer pipe stacked vertically to suggest a ready-made skyscraper. The round sculpture, called “Biscuit”, was a sewer cap. Both are part of a current installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

My photographs suggest these art pieces are “meeting” their surroundings for the first time…

2 thoughts on “365/Day 269

  1. Not sure if I can relate to this type of art but I can to your photographs. #1 is my fav. To bad that nobody took a picture of you taking this shot. 🙂 4th of Oct Farmers Market on the terrace. Sounds like a nice event. Smiles. Reinhold

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