365/365 – The End

For December 31st 2017. Yesterday was the last day of my 365 Project, but I was very busy and had no time to post. So, belatedly, here is my last 365 Project post. Others will come, hopefully as often as every day, but I’ll take a break from the obligation to post daily. Cheers and Happy 2018 to all!

359/365 – Feeling Spoiled…

For December, 25 – HUGE surprise this Christmas! Santa Claus, who is a great supporter of my photography adventures, surprised me with this baby: Nikon’s latest full frame model, the D850. We all know that good photography is not about the gear, but I really don’t mind having the good stuff. 🙂 Can’t wait to start using it! And a new macro lens to go with my full frames was also a very special treat. 🙂