Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

What’s a companion? What is companionship? Here are a few takes on the notion.

My personal companion. My husband of thirty-plus years. The secret of our long marriage is enjoying each other and laughing a lot. This photo says it all.

Legendary companions. These craft dolls represent the Brazilian Northeast folk hero Lampião –who led a long career of large-scale banditry through six states of the Northeast– and his girlfriend, Maria Bonita. The couple was subject of innumerable folk stories, novels, comic books, popular pamphlets, songs, movies, and a number of TV soap operas.


A match made in heaven…

2011_01_001-0-16-08 AM

Birds of a feather…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Yesterday I went to a football/soccer game of the Confederations Cup in my hometown in Brazil. This is sort of dress rehearsal for the 2014 World Cup, which will also be hosted by Brazil. As I entered the sports arena, I saw curves everywhere. Here are some of them.

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