Lens-Artists – Reflections

1. Amsterdam, lake reflections2. Stained-glass windows reflections. Federal Building in Brasilia, Brazil

3. Building reflections, London.

4.Building reflections. Chicago, USA.

5. Building reflections. Naviglio Grande (Big Canal), Milan, Italy.  For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Reflections

Thursday Doors – 11/01/2018

Yesterday, for Halloween, we went to an area in Santa Monica where the shops open their doors to trick or treaters and families flock to the area for a safe and fun celebration. This is also a very upscale area with beautiful houses and people go all out with their decorations. I took great pictures of people and decorations, but thought I’d use the opportunity to get some shots for this week’s Thursday Doors. As a bonus, I’m throwing in a couple of doors with Halloween decorations.