Thursday Doors – April 27, 2017

The doors of the Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona, are something to admire in wonder. I posted about the basilica earlier this week but left the door photos for Norm’s Thursday doors.

  1. The main door of the Nativity entrance to the basilica is seven meters high and three meters wide. It is made of bronze and decorated with a large number of motifs from nature, such as leaves, plants, various flowers and all kinds of insects. It is predominately green, with some yellow flowers on its lower part and a band of red leaves on its upper part. I wish I wasn’t rushing so much when I took the photos, but we got tickets for the last hour of the day and, as it happened the first time we were at Sagrada Familia, it was raining! So we rushed inside.
  2. A lateral door, also on the side of the Nativity entrance, very ornate with flowers, leaves, insects, bird nests, and other small creatures, but in blue and pink colors. The forth photo shows a detail of this door. See if you can spot something.   
  3. There are other doors to the Basilica,such as the “Prayer Door, on the Passion entrance. We didn’t come in through that side this time around, so I didn’t have time to photograph them. But they are beautiful. Here are a couple of not very revealing photos from my 2012 visit. Also, in bronze, the Prayer door has the prayer “Give us this day our daily bread” inscribed in 50 languages. Some words are highlighted with gold, including Jesus, which can be seen in the photos.

Thursday Doors – April 13, 2017

This week I bring you the main door of the Milan Duomo, the largest church in Italy and the fifth largest in the world. It’s an impressive building both outside and inside. I will post more about it when I finish curating my photos from the three week trip to Europe that included several days in Milan.This will give you some perspective as to the side of the magnificent bronze doors.

Detail of one of the door’s many panels.

Detail of part of the door damaged during World War II.

The Duomo is 515 feet long, 354 feet high, and it has the capacity to fit 40,000 people. Since its construction took nearly 600 years, the cathedral embodies many different styles and influences. The façade is Baroque up to the first order of windows, and neo-Gothic above.

Thursday Doors – March 9, 2017

Well, this is not a real door but it plays the part of one at the Music Center Plaza in downtown Los Angeles. “Dance Door” is an ornamented life-size bronze door created by sculptor Robert Graham. He also created the bronze doors of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, which I featured here not long ago. The “door,” which weighs approximately two tons, is hinged on a bronze frame and locked in an open position. Abstracted figures of dancers are cast in low relief on the door panels.