365/Day 270

Supermoon ~~

Tonight we had a lunar eclipse coupled with a “supermoon”, i.e., a full moon that appears larger because it’s at the closest point of its orbit with Earth. This is relatively rare, having last happened in1982 and not happening again until 2033. I missed the lunar eclipse (when the moon looks red) and that was upsetting. I wasn’t sure about photographing the “supermoon” after that, but decided to shoot it anyway. Well, it was beautiful, with the most spectacular glow. Unfortunately, I could only make the same shot again and again, as it was already high in the sky not allowing for much creative composition.


2 thoughts on “365/Day 270

  1. This is a pretty “supermoon”. I saw the moon on my way back from the coast. I had the same problem. If you have nothing in the foreground it is just the moon. And it looks similar to the one we have here up in the north of Germany. 🙂 LOL. Is it a he or a she? Here it is “der Mond”. Male! Greetings from the man in the moon. Reinhold

    • Greetings, man in the moon! I believe the moon, like most nouns in English, is gender-neutral. But to me, it is a female! Perhaps because that’s what it is in my native language, Portuguese. 🙂

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