354/365 -Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorites

For the last Photo Challenge of 2017, Ben Huberman asks us to share one or more favorites. Mine will be a gallery of photos from my wonderful trips this year to: Milan (IT) Barcelona (SP), Aix-en-Provence and Nice (FR), San Francisco (US), Fortaleza (BZ), and Washington, D.C. (US).

Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger!

The word Danger usually  gets my attention. While walking around Barcelona recently, I saw a sign, written in Catalan, that actually amused me because I couldn’t figure out its exact meaning. “Perill Indefinit.” Hmmm… Indefinite Danger? Does it mean there’s no way of knowing what terrible things might happen? Or does it just mean great danger? I never found the answer, but I figured I shouldn’t go in there because I didn’t have a “casc” and, most importantly, because I was not involved in the construction work. The second sign helped a little… 🙂

WPC: Wanderlust

Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel. I’ve always liked traveling and discovering new places and people. Then, I married a man who likes to travel so much that as soon as we get back from a trip, he starts talking about and planning the next one! Our most recent trip included four cities in three countries: Italy, Spain and France. I’m still sorting the 2000+ photos I took during the three-week trip and in ten days we’ll be off again, but I won’t go into that now. Here are highlights of our recent trip.