Thursday Doors – June 20, 2019

A week or so ago I went out to photograph the Jacaranda trees that were in full bloom here is Los Angeles. Instead of going to the beautiful streets of Beverly Hills, where photographers are not always welcomed, I chose a quiet little street in West LA, lined up with Jacarandas on both sides. Much to my surprise, the jacarandas were not the only attraction there. Every house had a colorful, interesting door, even the most modest ones. So that tuned into a door photo shoot too. 

338/365 – L.A. on Fire

Another day of raging wildfires in California, now hitting the Los Angeles area. Today, several homes were destroyed and 700 homes were evacuated in Bel-Air, just two miles from our home. And tonight authorities are warning of potentially catastrophic winds overnight and continuing through Thursday. We could be ordered to evacuate at any time during the night if the strong winds spread the fire further south. I am exhausted from a day of worries and expectations, following the developments and preparing to leave home if needed. Hopefully it won’t happen, but we’re ready for the worst. It will be a sleepless night…