A Word A Week Photography Challenge: Undulate (wavey/ripple)

A Word a Week Challenge this week is Undulate (wavy/ripple). I love all things undulate, and for this challenge I chose to feature undulating water, sand and architecture.

Travel Theme: Play

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is Play.

Here’s playing!

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Travel Theme: Tilted

Meet the “Lazy Tree!”

This lonely tree, growing in the middle of the dunes of the Preá beach in Northeastern Brazil, has been tilting for years due to the intense pounding of strong winds. Unable to fight the winds to continue to grow vertically, it has succumbed to its fate and continued to grow to a basically horizontal position. For that, it’s been called “the lazy tree.”

The Lazy Tree has become an attraction for those visiting the Jericoacoara National Park.

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