Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Three Items or Number Three

I must really like the number three because I have lots of photos with three items! So, here is a “small” selection of “Threes” for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge.

Santa Monica Daredevil

Twice in the past weeks, I happened to catch this man doing some pretty risky stunts at Palisades Park, in Santa Monica. Both times he was running, doing handstands and other tricks on top of the narrow concrete wall above the Santa Monica bluffs. Below, on one side of him, was the Pacific Coast Highway. One false step and he would almost certainly fall onto the highway traffic and possibly die. On the other side, a less threatening but busy ramp where cars coming from the PCH exit to Santa Monica. I don’t know for sure but I suspect it’s illegal to do this… Yet, he keeps coming back. Until the next time, here are two slideshows from the two days I caught his act. Some friends suspect I’ve become a groupie of the unknown stuntman, but it was really a coincidence. 🙂

The latest, on February 6.

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The first time, on January 21

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