14 thoughts on “Tension

  1. You really want the answer of the drama queen (or king)? You’ll get one. If you want it or not. Hihi 🙂 It cries for a mixture of both! In my totally ignorable opinion. I made a quick example! Do you like to see it? Do you? I could not resist…

  2. Hi angela…
    I often arrive at the same crossroads.
    I think if colour is the subject or a main feature then go that way.

    But somehow mono looks more interesting…

    These days im editing in colour to the end result then making a mono copy to compare.

    Most times the choice is easy…side by side.

    • Hi, there! Thanks for visiting, commenting and following. I totally agree with you. Monochrome almost always looks more interesting. And, like you, I edit in color and then in mono to see how it compares. 🙂

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