7 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope Mania

    • Thanks so much, Reinhold! It is simple and not at the same time. I’ll put together the steps. Will do it tomorrow because even this night owl needs to sleep a little. Not that she wants to… 🙂

      • So here goes the making of the Kaleidoscope: 1. Choose an interesting photo to use; 2. In Photoshop, create a New blank document (use international size; RBG) and rotate image 95% to left to make it horizontal); 3. Drag your photo from the photo bin to the blank page; 4. Duplicate layer (the duplicate will be under the original. Drag it out and place them side by side; 5. Flip the second image (Image-Rotate- Flip layer horizontal); 6. Merge the two layers to lock them together; 7. Duplicate the layer; 8.Flip layer: Image-Rotate-Flip Layer Vertical. It should work! 🙂

  1. Bonjour Angela,

    Great pictures – l love the symmetry that this process illustrâtes – l have been experimenting with it for a few years but always think l can do better!


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