Sad Sunday

10.16.2016 – A terrible accident took the life of a friend on Sunday. I hadn’t seen her in years but we kept in touch through Facebook. She was so happy to be in California, traveling down the coast with her husband… We were probably going to see each other this coming week when they’d be in Santa Monica. I am so sad… sunset-web_dsc0466

15 thoughts on “Sad Sunday

  1. So sad to hear that, Angela. All the best to you and the husband of your friend. I wish you all the strength to manage to get through the sad time. And a “good journey” to your friend wherever it is to where we all go in the end. May the golden light of your image point her into the direction. Very emotional post and image. Hugs. Reinhold

    • Thanks, Reinhold. I’m sure she is in a good place. I had a hard time with the news. Accidents are an awful way to end a life… We really must live every day as if it were the last. It’s a cliché, but a good one to live by. Hugs, A.

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