334/365 – Hamilton at the Pantages

Today we saw Hamilton for the second time. I am obsessed with this musical and can’t have enough of it. 🙂 The story, the music, and the choreography are fantastic, the work of genius. If Hamilton comes to your city, GO SEE IT! It was interesting to see how three months into their LA run, the company has gotten so much better.  Apparently, coming from a run in a smaller theater in San Francisco, the performers were shocked by the sheer size of the Pantages Theater, in Hollywood. It is much more challenging to perform in such a large venue (2,703 seats), packed to capacity, with a very enthusiastic audience. Today’s performance was phenomenal and I was delighted to have gone again. The photos below are not of the show (no photography allowed), but rather of the beautiful Pantages theater, a stunning Art Deco building from the 1930s. My iPhone photos don’t do it justice (they won’t allow “professional” cameras into the premises), but you can still see the beauty of the palatial building. So, enjoy the show! 😉


9 thoughts on “334/365 – Hamilton at the Pantages

      • I heard that, too. I can’t wait. My son (he’s 11) brought Hamilton into our lives last month and the world turned upside down. I haven’t felt this way since I was 14 and fell for Les Mis. Now I have a Ph.D. in French history and work for a French company. Who knows what changes Hamilton will bring 😀

      • My son loves him – I’ve been forbidden from correcting anything he says that’s not entirely historically accurate ;-). And boy does he frown at me if I mess up some lyrics!

      • 😂 Lafayette has some of the most challenging lines. The actor from the original cast said that now that he’s been gone for almost a year, he cannot recite those fast lines, much to the disappointment of fans or friends who’d love to hear that. He said he would need at least six weeks of daily practice to get back in shape.

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