Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

In 2013 we decided to redo our house’s landscape using drought tolerant plants that required little watering as Southern California started experiencing long periods of drought. Among other succulents, we planted a couple of small “Agave Americana Marginata” in the front yard. We’ve been following its impressive Growth since then.

1.This is how they looked in 2013.

2.Here’s how they looked in 2015.

3. This is how one of them looks in 2018, after extensive trimming to get rid of excess branches. The other plant had to be removed a year ago because there wasn’t enough space for both to grow.  4. Besides growing into large and somewhat intimidating plants –“Marginatas” grow up to 6 to 8 feet in height and 6 to 10 feet in spread– these agaves produce numerous babies as you can see all around it. They need to be managed otherwise things get out of control.After 10 years or more, the Agave Americana produces a lofty flower spike, sometimes reaching a height of 20 feet or more, with terminal panicles of pale yellow to white blooms. The plant dies after blooming. It’s a somewhat long life with a magnificent and yet sad ending. This plant is now entering its fifth year so we have quite way to go…

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

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  2. I like this trend towards native plants rather than trying to maintain grass lawns which just aren’t ‘normal’ and require SO. MUCH. WORK. … not to mention water.
    What a huge difference in the size of those plants over the past 5 years. When it gets to jumbo size, it will be a sight to see!!

    • Agaves are part of Los Angeles landscaping and are seen everywhere. I like them a lot and also have Agave Attenuatas at home. They are prettier and just as intriguing when they bloom. 🙂

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