Thursday Doors – May 17, 2018

For this week’s Thursday Doors, here are the green doors of Rembrandt’s house, in Amsterdam. The most famous Dutch painter lived and worked in this house between 1639 and 1656, when he apparently ran out of money to pay his mortgage… The green and red combination of doors and windows is very pretty. The windows are green on the outside and red on the inside. 


12 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – May 17, 2018

    • Thanks, Janet! I figured people might enjoy taking a peak at the inside. I took several photos of the house (bedrooms, kitchen, etc) but the places that had to do with his work were much more interesting.

  1. Awesome shots and thanks for the views of the inside, though I don’t think that ceiling-mounted surveillance camera in the 5th shot was part of the original decor 😉

  2. I loved the inside peek into the house – especially the inside door with the great hardware! Sometimes I can’t help but wonder what an artist would think if they could see the outcome of their legacy in the future – hordes of tourists walking through their home imagining their life!

    • Me too. Especially because some of them struggled during their short lives and didn’t become famous until after they died. Van Gogh didn’t sell more than a few paintings during his troubled and productive life. Cezanne, I believe, didn’t sell much either. Some died so young, they didn’t have time to enjoy their success.

      • For the looks of this house, it would appear that Rembrandt was a bit more prosperous than his contemporaries – although that doesn’t say much.

      • I think he was, but eventually he had to leave the house because he couldn’t afford paying the mortgage. So he probably lived beyond his means…

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