Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Unexpected

We’ve been living in Los Angeles for seven years. And with each new year, the annual amount of rain in the city got lower. Last December we had a couple days of much-needed rain, right after those terrible fires, and earlier this month we got rainy days for almost ten days, with just a few breaks between them. That was much appreciated. Then we went back to sunny, breeze days. Suddenly, today, the rain was back with a bang and is expected to be back over the weekend. Kind of unexpected but, as always, very welcome. And it’s so good for the plants everywhere, including those in our yard!

15 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Unexpected

  1. Lovely! It feels just what it’s needed. I remember reading a long time ago that many cars in LA don’t even have windshield wipers. 😀 I wonder if that’s true and how they do in such weather…

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