365/Day 202

David Hockney: “Just because I’m cheeky, doesn’t mean I’m not serious.” ~~

Today we went to a David Hockney exhibition at the L.A. Louver gallery. Photography was not allowed but I cheated a bit and snapped one photo (not so great) from outside the exhibit area, just to give a taste of the work, which is quite phenomenal. The exhibition comprises portraits of people sitting in the same chair, in the same studio, set against sky-blue walls. Each portrait comprises hundreds of images captured at close range which are then stitched together, producing striking perspectives and a 3D effect. There are 64 portraits, each with different perspectives and effects. The pieces (both photography and canvas) are so colorful and vibrant you can’t help but feel drawn to them. Amazing work for the 78-year-old artist, who has survived a stroke in 2012 and long life in the fast lane. Definitely worth seeing if it gets to your cities.

To see more about the exhibition go to Painting and Photography


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