365/Day 203

The Tamer Side of Venice Beach ~~

Venice Beach is one of the most colorful and interesting areas of Los Angeles. Walk on its boardwalk, known as Venice Beach’s Ocean Front Walk, between Rose Avenue and North Venice Blvd, and you’ll see all sorts of things, from palm and tarot card readers, to sand sculptors and collage artists, performance artists, street hustlers, buskers and bodybuilders. Continue walking past North Venice Blvd, towards the pier, and you’ll hit a residential area, consisting mostly of architectural houses with lots of glass to allow owners to enjoy the beautiful view. These are brave souls. As much as I’d love to have that view and to be able to step out of the house into the beach, I wouldn’t live in one of those houses, for two reasons: 1. Crowds. Lots of people -locals and tourists- walk up and down that strip day and night; some are rowdy, others are snoopy, taking pictures of everything around, including the houses… ;); and 2. Tsunamis! Yes, if there’s a strong earthquake and a subsequent tsunami, that entire area will be washed away in no time. But enough of the bad stuff. Here are some photos I took today while roaming around the tamer side of Venice Beach.

4 thoughts on “365/Day 203

  1. Venice Beach was the first location we went to in LA where I could take some photos. Before that I was just too overwhelmed 😀 I loved the feel there and how nice everybody was. We had pizza under a palm tree. Even the cops were smiling. Great to be taken there again, I especially love your selfie.

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