9 thoughts on “60/365 – Path

      • ..I mean, I’ve seen many palm trees, BUT those once I’ve only seen in L.A. Is that a special L.A. species? …..AND, is it not allowed to plant them anywhere else? 😀 😀 😉

      • Those palm trees are native to Mexico and Southern California. I don’t believe they are prohibited to plant elsewhere. 😄 But they do require similar climate, which explains why you don’t see them everywhere. They are amazing, so tall and beautiful. I love them, but some people in LA don’t and want to get rid of them, believe it or not… 😦

      • they look really beautiful… …why they want to get rid of them? Falling fruits? …hhmmm, I don’t want to have an encounter with a falling coconut from that heigh! 😀

      • They are not coconut trees so no problems with that. People have issues with the falling fronds, though. They are huge and can weigh up to half a ton! Sometimes they fall on cars and even people, causing a lot of damage. When the infamous Santa Ana winds blow hard, the trees swing and lose old fronds causing accidents and obstructing streets. They also cost the city a lot of money in maintenance. But I think none of that justifies getting rid of such iconic trees.

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