WPC: Place in the World

Like Erica, who’s challenging us to share our Place in the World, I too have a thing for the Big Apple. This has to do with the combination of several things: beautiful architecture (I die for those art deco buildings); the proximity to water and substantial green areas (making it more than just a concrete jungle); and the abundance of cultural activities (wonderful museums, great theater and musicals, jazz clubs, etc). There’s something magic about NYC that puts me in a great mood, makes me want to go out and soak the energy around me. I feel inspired and experience a “joie de vivre” there that I experience nowhere else in the world. The last time I was in New York, in 2016, I arrived at our hotel after two flights (one of them international) and a long taxi ride from the airport, in terrible traffic jams. All of that while still recovering from the a severe cold I got at the end of our Brazil visit. I collapsed in bed, slept for a couple of hours, and when I woke up I felt a burst of energy and a strong urge to go out, walk for a while and stop somewhere for a good dinner. And so we did. And, like magic, I felt strong and healthy again. Only in New York!! Time to go back… 😉


15 thoughts on “WPC: Place in the World

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  3. I love your description, and the photos. I feel the same way. After living there off and on for many years, I am always thrilled to go back and, like you said, soak up the energy. Not to mention the art! But at this point I wouldn’t want to live there – just wish I could magically be there in an hour!

    • I agree. Living in NY is not easy. I prefer to visit for a week every year or so. My biggest regret, having lived 20+ years in Washington, DC, where I could jump on the Acela train and be there in two hours, I didn’t go as often as I could have. Work, work, work…

      • Exactly! We work so hard, and then realize we should have found a way to take more time off, but at the time, it doesn’t seem possible.

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