4 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – 10/25/2018

  1. Oh my – I don’t even know quite where to start.

    The first door has that very interesting centre post with what looks like a small statue at the top. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

    Then the 5th one down #21 also have that curled centre post – such an unusual detail. Love the big circular window with the sunburst … and what about those little “doorways” that flank the stairs. What the ….?

    I noticed the door following #21 also has a “doorway” at the bottom, but it seems to more obviously be a scraper to clean the mud from boots and the ‘doorway’ is really just an indentation. Am I right in this? I’ve noticed these unusual little ‘doorways’ in the photos of some other bloggers before and never knew what they were.

    • Yes, those doors are really awesome. The old one especially. As for that “doorway” on the last door, I don’t really know what it’s for. Your guess of it being a scraper for muddy boots makes sense. I wish there were guided tours focusing on architecture and design of those houses and theirs fabulous doors.

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