Thursday Doors – 11/01/2018

Yesterday, for Halloween, we went to an area in Santa Monica where the shops open their doors to trick or treaters and families flock to the area for a safe and fun celebration. This is also a very upscale area with beautiful houses and people go all out with their decorations. I took great pictures of people and decorations, but thought I’d use the opportunity to get some shots for this week’s Thursday Doors. As a bonus, I’m throwing in a couple of doors with Halloween decorations.

12 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – 11/01/2018

  1. That first one looks like it could be from somewhere in Spain or Portugal.
    Love the Halloween decorations. It’s nice to see people having fun with all the scary ghosts and goblins 🙂

    • I loved that first door. It’s not a front door; it’s to the side of the house that, if I remember correctly, it’s either Spanish or Mediterranean style. There are lots of those in LA.

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