LAPC – Favorite Photos of 2019

2019 was the year when I fully embraced the rather unconventional genre of photography called Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). While I continue to love and take other photography genres, my favorite photos this year are the ICMs I took, especially the ones from Istanbul. I hope you can appreciate them. Happy New Year to all!

The next ones were taken in Brazil, Santa Monica and the blue abstract I must confess I have no memory of where I took it… πŸ™‚

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

22 thoughts on “LAPC – Favorite Photos of 2019

  1. HI, Angela. I agree with the others….your Istanbul shots are wonderful! I must try this genre. It looks fascinating, but of course you must have just the right amount of movement to make the shot interesting. Yours are just right. All the best in the new year.

  2. Hi Angela, These are gorgeous. I love the Istanbul series, especially the predominantly red/orange image. Also, the one on the beach in Santa Monica. Some very successful images using a challenging technique.

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