LAPC – Favorite Photos of 2019

2019 was the year when I fully embraced the rather unconventional genre of photography called Intentional Camera Movement (ICM). While I continue to love and take other photography genres, my favorite photos this year are the ICMs I took, especially the ones from Istanbul. I hope you can appreciate them. Happy New Year to all!

The next ones were taken in Brazil, Santa Monica and the blue abstract I must confess I have no memory of where I took it… 🙂

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

2019 Los Angeles Marathon (a different photographic take)

I’ve been photographing the L.A. Marathon every year since I moved to Los Angeles.That’s eight years! This year, for a change, I decided to photograph most of it using the Intentional Camera Movement technique. Worked for me. What do you think? 😉