Images from Istanbul

Here is a series of photographs I took in Istanbul, Turkey, using Intentional Camera Movement technique (ICM). Most of them were taken on the grounds of mosques, palaces, or on the streets of Istanbul.

5 thoughts on “Images from Istanbul

  1. OK, you were using I suspect just a small vertical movement, I’m intrigued… It certainly creates an interesting effect. You probably don’t want to say what the shutter speed was! I’m being nosy!

      • OK, I’ve double-checked the data for those and they were all taken using 0.3 to 0.6 sec. Most of my ICMs are taken with about 1/2 a second shutter speed.

      • OK, thanks for that, I shall go experiment….I’ve done vertical movement ICM and circular, in the past, and movies the camera in a long sweep up or down – I’m suspecting with Street I shall move it less dramatically…I’ll have a play soon!

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