2019 Los Angeles Marathon (a different photographic take)

I’ve been photographing the L.A. Marathon every year since I moved to Los Angeles.That’s eight years! This year, for a change, I decided to photograph most of it using the Intentional Camera Movement technique. Worked for me. What do you think? 😉



Today Los Angeles hosted its 2016 Marathon. As I do every year, I went to see the 25,000 runners from around the US and the world zoom by my neighborhood on their way to Santa Monica. I missed the members of the elite teams (who ended up winning the race) by a few minutes, but it’s always fun to see and cheer for the thousands of athletes and regular runners who show enormous endurance and determination to complete the 26.2-mile race under pretty hot conditions. These photos were taken in Brentwood, which is Mile 22 or the race, just a few miles from the finish line, where I plan to be next year. 🙂