365/Day 305

Foggy Bay ~~

The first day of November brought not only the end of daylight savings time, but also a change to the weather pattern in the L.A. area. Santa Monica Bay was covered in dense fog this afternoon and, while the temperature was still mild, there was no sign of summer. The sun struggled against thick clouds and eventually made its way through for another pretty sunset. But it couldn’t upstage the fog that covered the entire bay. I kind of liked that…

4 thoughts on “365/Day 305

  1. Great shots. And at least you call it Fog – the last time I was there in 2010 all the local meteorologists had taken to calling it The Marine Layer, as if fog had suddenly become a dirty word 😉

    • Lol! You probably were here some time between May and July, when the infamous Marine Layer gives us grey, gloomy days and the sun doesn’t show up until early afternoon. That gives us “May Grey” and “June Gloom.” Meteorologists talk about it every day. I, too, had never heard of marine layer until I moved to L.A. Now I think I finally understand the difference between marine layer and fog. The marine layer is a dense mass of cool, moist air that accumulates over large bodies of water, especially oceans, when the air close to the ground gets colder. This accumulation causes what we know as fog. In other words, the ML is the culprit for the dense fog that plagues coastal areas. The weather forecast in SoCal gets very complicated with meteorologists throwing lots of weather-related terms around, like “the coastal eddy,” “the Santa Ana winds,” and many other phenomena that happen in the atmosphere… And yet, no rain! 🙂

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