WPC: Look Up (II) — Architectural

I decided to publish a second post on this week’s theme, this time sharing some architectural shots which were taken looking up, for obvious reasons… 🙂LookUp-Web-DSC_9428LookUp-Web-DSC_7773LookUp-Web_DSC0727 LookUp-Web-DSC_8290LookUp-Web_DSC0506LookUp-Web_DSC0788_edited-1LookUp-Web-_DSC0753

For Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

12 thoughts on “WPC: Look Up (II) — Architectural

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  3. Great shots, Angela. Have you ever tried to lean the camera to a wall of the building looking up? 90 degree lookup? This could be a great POV with these buildings. I never tried this and now I have no buildings anymore. 🙂 Have a good start in your week! Reinhold

    • Thanks, Reinhold. I haven’t tried the 90 degree lookup. It’s definitely something to try next time I’m downtown LA or somewhere else with tall buildings. Now
      I’m going to enjoy Sunday before the week starts! 😉 Best!

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