Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

This was a challenging challenge. Not because I never look up, but rather because I look up a lot and have a gazillion shots that fit the bill. Maybe I’ll post several times…? 🙂


Marilyn and some peepers, in Palm Springs, California.


Now, *that* was unexpected… In Dijon, France.


Can’t stop loving this shot. Look how beautifully entangled these trees are…! Los Angeles, California.


Karim Abdul-Jabbar. Someone we all must look up to. At Staples Center, Los Angeles.


Look up and make eye contact. In Venice, Italy.

For Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

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  2. Round 1: the winner is Angela! Pffffft… look up …. theme for Angela. Tell them that you have a 90 degree lens always looking up. I expect 6 rounds and knock out in round 7. Go for it! 👊

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