Thursday Doors – July 7, 2016

For this week’s Thursday Doors, I am sharing a series of doors from Chicago’s Astor Street District, a posh historic area of the city. I love how the rather traditional doors are surrounded by beautiful planters with lovely flowers, which gives the houses a warm and inviting touch. Except for the Society of Architectural Historians, which has a pretty door but nothing about it says Welcome! 🙂 ChicagoDoors-WebDSC_9452 ChicagoDoors-Web-DSC_9445 ChicagoDoors-Web-DSC_9442 ChicagoDoors-Web-DSC_9431ChicagoDoors-Web-DSC_9448

15 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – July 7, 2016

  1. Wow – these doors are intricate and unique – almost felt
    European – ((go Chicago!))
    And my fav is 1404 because of the cool porch and how the stairs open wide – 😉

    • Chicago is special in every way, except the weather… 😂 The city combines old and modern architecture beautifully. I am in awe of Chicago. And 1404 seems to be a favorite so far… 😉

      • We were ju 4 hours from Chicago and it pulled on my heart to go – but there was no way – argh!
        Anyhow – I once heard someone say that Chicago is so cold in winter that you could die if you were accidentally locked out ! Ha!
        But I assume it is like other cold seasonal places – they have beautiful summers…. Right? A bit hot and humid –/
        Anyhow – ever since the movie backdraft I have wanted to go…
        And. Nice to see these doors….

      • Yes, the winter is pretty bad there and the infamous Chicago winds can make you fly. Summers are hot and humid! I asked a friend from Chicago what was the best time to visit the city, weather wise. He thought for a minute or so, and finally said “there are a couple of weeks in the spring…” 😂 But I was there in mid-September for five days and it was perfect! It rained on the last day, but nothing too bad. I’d say that’s the time to go.

      • Well thanks for the tip! And we love to go to the beaches on the east coast in September too – well keep it in mind if you are beach bound – because it is called the time of the “locals” and rates are cheap and the crowd is thin and relaxed – super nice!
        And so September in Chicago or those two weeks in spring ! Ha!
        That is a funny reply!
        And it reminds me of the Ms Congeniality movie and favorite date question – think it was April 26th – not too hot – not too cold! Ha…..

  2. So wonderful finds on this tour. I’ll have to make a point of visiting this part of town the next time I go.
    They’re all impressive but my fave is 1434. Love the dark stained oak, multiple panels, and that knocker. Well done 🙂

    • Thanks, Norm! I agree, 1434 has a great looking door with a beautiful knocker. Next time in Chicago do go see Astor Street. It is very beautiful and the houses are gorgeous.

  3. Knock, knock… great compositions… but where is 77 Sunset Strip? Is this a television series which played in Chicago? This was on television when I was a kid. What are your feelings if you see a photograph of a door like this. Do you want to see the rest of the house or the inside. I always want to see the rest of the house. All the best, Angela!

    • I didn’t watch the series but Sunset Strip refers to the “happening” part of Sunset Boulevard, right here is Los Angeles, where most night clubs are. Not pretty, but worth a photographic excursion, especially in the evening, when the action starts. About your question, yes, interesting doors (and windows) often make me wonder about the house and the people who live there, what it might be like inside and what might be happening there. 🙂 Have a great weekend, Reinhold!

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