67/365 – Around the Garden

Spring is definitely here. Temperatures in Los Angeles have been in the 70Fs and the rain seems to be gone for now. The plants and flowers in our gardens are looking good and healthy these days. All that rain was great for them and now the sun is working its magic.


12 thoughts on “67/365 – Around the Garden

  1. Beautiful compositions of a stunning location and garden. Obviously you a living on the “sunny” side of the street. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your pieces of good weather with us. Still cold, wet and gray over here. 😦

    • Thanks, Reinhold! Yes, the sun is a frequent visitor to our garden and we feel lucky about that! I’m sorry it’s still cold and grey in your neck of the woods… ☹️ It will soon change, though.

    • Thanks! California is having an unusual spring this year because we had a lot more rain than usual. The wild flowers are creating a rarely seen carpet effect in the deserts. I need to get out there and photograph it before it’s all gone.

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