5 thoughts on “330/365 – Trees of SoCal

  1. Trees are such interesting subjects to photograph. Alone or in a group, they seem to emanate a ‘personality’ (for the lack of a better word). I really like the 2nd photo. Maybe it’s because we don’t have any palm trees and so I have a bit of a fascination with them. Like, why did Mother Nature create a tree in a hot climate that offers virtually no shade?

    • Great observation, Joanne. A lot of people in LA have come to hate the palm trees because they don’t serve a good purpose, cost a lot to maintain, and their falling fronds can cause serious damage when they fall. I adore them and can’t imagine Los Angeles without them, but more and more they are being replaced by trees that offer shade and cost less to maintain.

      • Yes, they are vulnerable to certain kinds of fungus and require a lot of care. And as much as I love them I do think we need more shade here, especially with the increasing heat due to climate change…

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