Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season – 365/Day 163

When people think about Los Angeles, they usually think of sunny days, blue skies, warm and pleasant weather all year long. What they don’t know is that May and June can be pretty gloomy in L.A. due to a phenomenon called “Marine Layer,” a dense mass of cool, moist air that accumulates over the surface of the ocean, causing that morning, and sometimes afternoon, fog that plagues many areas of Southern California. The phenomenon happens when the air close to the ground is colder, rather than warmer, while warm air above presses down on it, preventing it from dissipating. It usually starts in May (“May gray”), increases in June (the infamous “June gloom”), and sometimes sticks around in July (“no-sky July”). It’s a strange phenomenon that makes days look and feel like it’s winter or fall. Most of the time the sun comes out later in the day, but this week it has been losing the battle and it looks like winter around here, when it’s practically summer! That is definitely off-season, no? Here’s a taste of June gloom…

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season – 365/Day 163

  1. Oh, these names are cracking me up, especially “no-sky July” 😀 And, I must say, I hear of it for the first time. I only know of the fog in San Francisco. Good that the only time I was in LA, it was December, the host picked us up at the airport in a leather jacket, even though for us, coming from a harsh winter, it was short-sleeve weather, and said: “It’s cold today, man!”

  2. Ooooh. I never knew LA could be so gloomy and dull weather-wise in the middle of the year. If you hadn’t mentioned, it, I would have thought you took these photos in the winter. “no-sky July” That is a humorous way to describe it. Sounds like you barely see and feel the sun rise and sun sets when days are like these 😀

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