Travel Theme: Sweet

I have a terrible sweet tooth, so the word “sweet” sends me straight to images of the most delicious, decadent desserts. Here are some delicious sweets I could not resist while traveling in Spain and Brazil.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Fresh from the tree!

On this Northeast Brazil beach, coconuts are hand-picked for you.

After savoring its deliciously sweet water, you can ask them to crack the coconut open so you can eat its delicious meat.

It doesn’t get any better, and fresher, than that!
(In Fortaleza, Brazil)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

Yesterday I went to a football/soccer game of the Confederations Cup in my hometown in Brazil. This is sort of dress rehearsal for the 2014 World Cup, which will also be hosted by Brazil. As I entered the sports arena, I saw curves everywhere. Here are some of them.

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